Wipe Clean Floor Cushions
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Wipe Clean Floor Cushions

Wipe Clean Floor Cushions

About Wipe Clean Floor Cushions

Beautiful quality, comfy Wipe Clean Floor Cushions that are perfect for daycare, libraries, and early childhood classrooms up to 1st or 2nd grade!  Each 11-1/2" hexagon-shaped "spot marker" cushion features a brightly colored vinyl cover that can easily be sanitized or wiped clean with antibacterial wipes or spray, and a handle for easy toting.  These versatile cushions make an ideal sensory tool for providing tactile and visual cues to help teach kids about personal space and sitting in their spot during circle time, story time, and other floor-based activities at home, in the classroom, or during occupational therapy.  Wonderful for quiet corners, too!  Sold in singles (we'll surprise you with what color) or 6-packs that contain 6 assorted dazzling colors. AWESOME!