Suction Snap Animals
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Suction Snap Animals
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Suction Snap Animals

About Suction Snap Animals

NEW!  Squeezy Suction Snap Animals are playful little rubbery sensory pets covered with gobs of suction cups on both sides.  These colorful tactile friends can be stuck to most desktops or under your desk, on a filing cabinet, the fridge, bathroom mirror, or even under the kitchen table!  Stick 'em on then snap 'em off and start over again; they "stick" to just about any non-porous surface!  These "noisy" fiddles make a fun "alerting" fidget tool choice for tactile sensory seekers and/or kids who need something to keep their hands busy to help self-regulate.  Cute 4" x 3" fiddle animals in bright random colors and animal shapes.  Ages 3+.

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.