Weighted Moose Masseuse
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Weighted Moose Masseuse

Weighted Moose Masseuse

About Weighted Moose Masseuse

This adorable 15" X 17.5", 2.8 lb. XX-fluffy soft brown weighted moose is made of a rich furry plush fabric! Features two sets of extra long weighted legs that cuddle childrens' chests with calming deep pressure input. A fabulous self-regulation tool for providing deep pressure touch input that can be very effective in helping to regulate (slow down, calm, and focus) childrens' nervous systems. This snuggily weighted moose animal is the largest and furriest of all our weighted plush friends (he's covered in "fur" from the bottom tips of his antlers all the way down to his hooves)! Surface washable only. Made in the USA.

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.