Kids learn best when they are playing! 

Below are 10 favorite therapy tools, toys, and games that occupational therapists, teachers, and parents love using to help children and students develop their fine motor, sorting, counting, patterning, and finger grasping skills! 

Many of the toys listed incorporate tongs as part of the games or play sets; simple and popular therapy tools for building pre-writing and pre-scissor skills.  Most of the included items are very open-ended toys or tools that facilitate creativity, motor planning, and problem-solving skills.  Fun and functional ways to keep children engaged as they build those all-important sensory and fine motor skills.

  1. Sneaky Squirrel Tongs Game
  2. Mini Wooden Pegboard Set
  3. Fine Motor Fun Kit™
  4. Mini Muffins Fine Motor Activity Set
  5. Round Mini Pop Beads
  6. Wikki Stix Rainbow Packs
  7. Tongs and Tools Sampler Kit™
  8. Stringing Pegboard Activity Set
  9. Creepy Crawly Bug Catchers Tong Set
  10. Sorting Pie Play Set