Mini Liquid Timers
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Mini Liquid Timers
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Mini Liquid Timers

About Mini Liquid Timers

Brand New Version! We're thrilled to bring back a brand new version of our mini hourglass-shaped bubble gel timers that provide soothing visual input as colorful gel bubbles rain down from the top portion of the timer to the bottom, forming a glistening sea of bubbles! A very calming soothing visual sensory tool for the office, home, or classrooms. These neat mini timers make a great desktop office toy, too! Constructed of sturdy plastic, but will crack or break if dropped. Timer and gel colors may vary. For ages 5-up. You'll love these soothing liquid gel timers. It takes approximately one minute to run its course.

*Please note these are not designed to be a toy for children; adult supervision is needed.