Ooze Tube Timer
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Ooze Tube Timer

Ooze Tube Timer

About Ooze Tube Timer

Feel your mind slow down and body relax with this soothing new sensory gel tube! Flip your Ooze Tube over and watch the pretty gooey thick gel slowly flow from the top chamber to the bottom, making swirly designs as it cascades downwards. Ooze Gel Timer Tubes are a soothing visual tool that can be helpful for decreasing anxiety and stress. Therapists, social workers, and counselors love pairing gel tools with deep breathing exercises. This visually calming timer makes a nice office or desk toy for home and screen breaks! Come in gorgeous solid colors that may vary. Designed for gentle use (may crack or break if dropped), ages 5-up.

*Please note gel timers are designed to be a visual sensory tool and not a toy for children; adult supervision is needed.