Swivel & Twist Seat Cushion
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Swivel Twist Seat Cushion

Swivel & Twist Seat Cushion

About Swivel & Twist Seat Cushion

NEW!  Kids, teens, and adults can't get enough of this innovative active seating cushion that allow users to turn any seat into a swivel seat! This durable, portable sensory seat features a comfy padded cushion, non-skid base, and a 120 degree rotating pivot disc that allows for silent twisting and turning from your seat or on the floor. Ideal for classrooms, homework areas, offices, circle time, and more! A nice calming focus tool for movement seekers, those with ADHD or Autism, and people who have trouble sitting still / need vestibular input in order to remain on task. The vinyl wipe-clean cover can be easily sanitized with wipes or spray. Measures 11.5" across.

Sit & Twist Active Seat Cushion