People who have trichotillomania often report that keeping their fingers busy helps to curb some of their hair-pulling habits.  Fidget toys are a great tool to have on hand for reducing anxiety, decreasing stress, and helping with sensory overload, and can be beneficial for managing body-focused repetitive behaviors or pulling urges! 


Here are 21 of our favorite fidgets to help reduce compulsive hair-pulling:


 1. Twirl & Soothe Fidget for Hair Pullers

twirl and soothe fidget therapy shoppe trichotillomania watermarked

Made of synthetic hair that looks and feels just like real hair, you'll love this unique new sensory fidget tool for hair pullers and twirlers! Wind it around or weave it in between your fingers for a soothing sensory experience.


 2. Neato Ice Cubes

neato ice cube cropped catalog

WOW to these ravishing, rubbery, moldable tactile fidget gel cubes that are filled with the thickest, most resistive gel we've ever felt! These irresistible one-of-a-kind sensory balls can be squished, squeezed, and molded; but always return to their square shape.


 3. Bendeez

bendeez fixed watermarked

Fabulous tactile bendy fidget that you can twist and turn into infinite shapes! A great stress-relieving silent fidget tool that you can take along anywhere.


4. Yippee Tugger Fidget



Wonderfully textured, rubbery "finger cage" fidget with six colorful 10" bendy, twisty fiddle strands that fidgeters can pull, twist and tug through 2 fiddle holes in the cage!  Each of the delightfully touchy-feely rubbery sensory strands features its own mesmerizing texture and different resistance.  All have finger loops or textured balls on the ends; some are quiet but most make their own unique sound as they are manipulated.


 5. Slow Rise Sugar Squishers

slow rise sugar squishies cropped

Squish, squeeze, & knead these resistive, colorful gel fidget shapes . . . then watch 'em slowly return to their original shapes! A bit firmer than many other gel balls; these squeezy wonders are slightly squishier than our popular Neato Ice Cubes! Slow Rise Sugar Squishers come in random assorted silky smooth shapes – or in a cute mushroom shape that includes an irresistible tactile "cap" covered with 100s of tiny, tuggable rubbery nubbies.


 6. Medium Puller Picker Balls

puller picker medium balls therapy shoppe watermarked

Medium Puller Picker Balls™ features a satisfying texture that’s a little bit tickley and a little bit scratchy.  These 2" yarn balls have hundreds of long intertwined glittery strands that can be pulled out - hair pullers especially love pulling the shiny strands out!


 7. Gemstone Thinking Putty

 gemstone putty

This unique putty is dazzlingly eye candy and makes satisfying crackle and pop noises as you squish, squeeze, and knead it.


8. Tickley Tactile Ball

 tickley tactile ball fidget therapy shoppe watermarked

Tickley Tactile Balls are an awesome fidget featuring 100's of wispy, rubbery strands that hair pullers and fidgeting fingers adore pulling... plus a small stretchy loop so you can string it on a breakaway necklace, wear it like a ring, or hook it onto your backpack! 

P.S. This ball also comes in a jumbo size!


9. Puller Picker Tug It Fidget

puller pickers tug it fidget therapy shoppe dermatillomania trichotillomania trich watermarked

Stretch it, pull, and twist it... then tug the little rubbery spikes right out!  These 2" rubbery fidgets feature dozens of jiggly soft and spiky tentacles you can gently stretch and pull (and pick them right off if desired)!  These cool little fiddles provide that "tugging" sensation many hair pullers seek.


 10. Silky Ribbon Loops

silky ribbon loops watermarked

Silky Ribbon Loops™ are a versatile fidget with dozens of colorful silky soft fabric ribbon strips on a stretchy band that snaps together to form a loop! Users can easily attach these dazzling fidgets to backpacks, desk legs, classroom chairs, water bottles, belt loops, keychains, etc.


 11. Squiggle Sensory Bands

squiggle bands watermarked

Dazzling, stretchy rings bursting with 100's of soft sensory spikes that mesmerize hair-pulling, tactile-seeking fingers!  Hair pullers especially enjoy the tugging sensation.


 12. Colored Wire Fidget Rings

wire fidget rings cropped

These subtle sensory fidgets provide wonderful massaging tactile input as you roll them up and down your fingers. 


13. Poppin Pea Pods

Pea Pod Fidget Hand

This neat little keychain-style 3" brightly colored pea pod has 3 little peas that pop up when you squeeze it.  Hair pullers love the “popping” sensation this fidget offers when squished.


14. Never-Ending Unwinding Fidget Wire

never ending fidget wire therapy shoppe

Gently pull the ends of this intriguing fidget wire and watch it unwind forever... it never ends!  This visually intriguing sensory tool is a truly magical finger tool.  Hair pullers, finger nail biters and others who like visually captivating and/or repetitive fidgeting will fall hard for this hypnotizing one-of-a-kind fidget!


15. Ultimate Spaghetti Ball 

spaghetti ball fidget

Our Ultimate Spaghetti Fidget features oodles and oodles of flowing, feathery soft strands of angel hair noodles that hair pullers enjoy tugging on for a similar "pulling" sensation. 


16. Squish & Squeeze Goo Mats

goo tubes fixed1

 Unique Gel Fidget Mats featuring a twisty turvy path of colorful goo that squishes back & forth as you squeeze each side.  These self-contained, sealed fiddles make a great sensory toy that helps promote focus and keep restless fingers quietly engaged.


17. Soft & Spiky Sensory Shapes

soft and spiky sensory shape fidget therapy shoppe watermarked

Magnificent is the only way to describe these heavenly shapes that are delightfully spiky and amazingly soft on both sides. Tactile lovers will spend hours wiggling, jiggling, brushing, bending, scratching, massaging, and running their fingers through these sensational sensory fidgets!


18. Scented Puff Slime

scented puff slime

 This cool-to-the-touch silky slime feels a tiny bit sticky, but never leaves any residue on your fingers.  Comes in vibrant colors and four fabulous scents (bubblegum, marshmallow, chocolate, and strawberry).


19. Slime Bubble Fidgeter

slime pop it fidget toy heart popper goo watermarked

 There's nothing else quite like this unique fidget shape that has addictingly cool, rubbery slime-filled bubbles designed to gently push, squeeze, and squish!  This fidget makes a squeaky squishy sound when you push on the bubbles/force gel thru the maze paths.  A great choice for sensory seekers and those with restless fingers.


20. Mini Spiky Oodles Ball

mini spiky oodles ball fidget

A smaller, very similar version of your favorite Spiky Roly Poly Oodles Balls! Mini Spiky Oodle Balls are wonderfully tactile 2" fidget balls filled with colorful "gumballs" that are encased in a delightfully SPIKY rubbery skin! These refreshingly touchy-feely tools can help calm stressed minds, while keeping fidgety fingers happily engaged.


21. Tactile Sensory Squares™

felt squares fabric

Tactile seekers and individuals who have fidgety fingers adore our exclusive new Tactile Sensory Squares™ (that are only available from the Therapy Shoppe®)!  These 4-1/2" soothing (and discreet) silent fidgets fold and/or roll up to easily fit inside pockets, purses, backpacks . . . even most pencil cases.  Come in your choice of 4 different, wonderfully textured choices.


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