Did you know that fidget toys can help with managing skin-picking urges?  Fidget toys are a great tactile alternative to have on hand for reducing anxiety, managing stress, and redirecting potentially harmful body-focused repetitive behaviors.

Here are 21 of our most popular fidgets and other tools for dermatillomania.


 1. On The Go Sensory Tools for Skin Pickers™

skin picker on the go kit no boink fixed watermarked therapy shoppe

Our new On the Go Sensory Tools for Skin Pickers Kit™ features an amazing assortment of innovative fidgets hand-selected by our occupational therapists and individuals who struggle with skin picking. Designed to help with the urge to pick skin, this one-of-a-kind skin picking kit comes in a nubby, rubbery take-along fidget pouch that makes a great squeezy tactile fiddle tool in itself!


 2. Squeeeeeeze Panic Pete

panic pete

Squeeze silly Pete’s pliable little belly and his eyes, nose, and ears all pop out! A classic finger strengthening, stress relief sensory toy.


 3. Pick Apart Corks


pick apart corks

Pick Apart Corks™ is a perfect, pocket-sized sensory fidget tool that can help with relieving skin-picking urges.


4.Thinking Putty

thinking putty tins fixed watermarked

Thinking putty is like chewing gum for your fingers! Turn on your brain and melt away some stress with this cool sensory fidget putty. Comes in assorted vibrant colors and handy little pocket-sized tins.


 5. Sensory Stones

sensory worry stones fidget calming tool sensory trichotillomania dermatillomania therapy shoppe watermarked

Feel anxiety and tension melt away as you rub this silky-smooth gemstone between your thumbs and fingers. Sensory stones are an all-natural silent fidget that makes a great focusing fidget tool.


 6. Springy Coils Fidget™

springy coil fidget

Super cool little springy, bouncy, squeezy, orb-shaped metal coils that strengthen fingers as you squish, squeeze, and pogo away; providing deep pressure input to your fingers!  These pocket-sized sensory fidgets are perfect for anxiety and stress relief and keeping restless fingers busy.


 7. Mop Top Squishy Stress Balls

mop top squishy stress ball watermarked

Cute little 2" smiley stress ball has a head full of fluffy yarn hair that doubles as a fun little screen cleaner for all of your electronic devices!  This silent fidget tool is terrific for strengthening fingers and squeezing away stress.


8. Ishy Squishy Ball™

ishy squish balls croppedx

Fingers can't resist these squishable, squeezable, pickable 1-1/4" fidget balls that have oodles of circular stretchy craters you can poke and squeeze your fingers inside.  Ishy Squishy Balls™ make a wonderfully satisying squishy gishy sound when you manipulate them; these cool balls feel sticky to the touch but don't leave any residue on your fingers!  An especially popular choice for skin pickers and poppers.


9. Squeeze & Shape Dachshund

 stretch squeeze dachshund fidget therapy shoppe

Darling 4" dachshund puppy fidgets provide lots of squishy, squeezy, squashy, finger-gripping fun!  These lovable little sensory pet fiddles feature thick velvety skin and a scrunchy filling that holds its shape when you pose, stretch, or mold it.


 10. Textured Metallic Tangles

metallic tangle

Your favorite Tangle Fidget Toys in shiny bright, shimmering metallic colors and hypnotizing new textures!  Twist, twirl, and bend them every which way. Tangles snap-apart segments are great for stress relief.


 11. Tiny Gem Fidget Strips

tiny gems fidget strips under desk therapy shoppe watermarked

Colorful self-adhesive strips featuring 100's of teeny tiny sparkling gems to fiddle with, run your fingers across, or to pick off.  Tiny Gem Fidget Strips™ are a terrific quiet fidget tool for inside or under classroom desks, kitchen tables, notebook covers, drink bottles, pencil cases, and more.


 12. Silly Tongue Puffer Fish

silly tongue puffer fish squeeze fidget toy

This fun little 2" puffer fish pokes its tongue out and makes a "clicking" sound when you squeeze him.  Makes a nice fidget tool for skin pickers as it provides a little "pop" sensation.


13. Happy Snappy Neato Balls

 gurgle neato doh ball

When you squeeze this unique sensory fidget, the rubbery bubbles pop out while making a wonderfully satisfying “gurgling” / soft "popping" sound!  These innovative sensory balls make a great fiddle tool for reducing stress, and keeping anxious minds and restless fingers happily engaged. 


14. Furry Tentacles Fidget

furry tentacle fidget toy therapy shoppe watermarked

Furry Tentacles Fidget is a sensational new sensory tool with gobs of furry thick, velvety soft tentacles you can rub, pinch, twist, and roll with your fingers.  This portable, silent fidget tool is ideal for quiet fidgeting.


 15. Stretchy Sloths in a Stump Fidget

sloth stump

Two fun little sloth friends who love hiding in their stretchy tree stump that’s filled with holes and tunnels!


16. Poppin Pea Pods

 Pea Pod Fidget Hand

Neat little keychain-style 3" brightly colored pea pod that has 3 little peas that pop up when you squeeze it.  Skin pickers (and poppers) love the “popping” sensation this fidget offers for challenges with dermatillomania.


 17. Spiky Roly Poly Oodles Ball

roly poly spiky oodles ball fidget

Spiky Roly Poly Oodles Balls are superbly tactile sensory fidget balls that are filled with colorful "gumballs" that are encased in a super SPIKY rubbery skin!  These refreshingly tactile, touchy-feely tactile fidget tools can help calm stressed minds while keeping restless fingers happily engaged and bodies more relaxed.


 18. Pop Up Kitten Cups

kitty cup fidget watermarked2

Just squeeze the palm-sized mug and an adorable little kitten comes up!

P.S. There's also an adorable puppy version


 19. Snazzy Snappers

snazzy snappers group pic

Snazzy Snappers™ is a favorite fidget tool that is nice for helping to relieve stress and anxiety. This sensational finger strength-building rubbery fidget square fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Give it a good squeeze, then release it for a very satisfying "pop!"


20. Suction Fidget Strips

suction strip fidget cropped

This 10" rubbery fidget features dozens of mini suction cups on one side, and texturey bumps on the other.  Stick it under your desk and run your fingers over the rubbery fidget bumps; it sticks and peels off nearly any smooth, hard surface. 


21. Color Change Squeeze Ball

color changing ball1

You'll be crazy about this sensationally soft, dough-like ball that has a ravishing silky, rubbery skin. It feels like you're kneading a handful of fluffy whipped potatoes and changes colors as you knead, stretch, and squeeze it.


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