Righty Pencil Grip Sampler™
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Righty Pencil Grip Sampler

Righty Pencil Grip Sampler™

About Righty Pencil Grip Sampler™

Therapists and teachers love these fabulous new pencil grip sampler kits created especially for right handed students. This exclusive Therapy Shoppe® kit features 12 of our most popular pencil grips for right handers:  a SOLO Grip, Contoured Right Grip, Squishy Jelly Grip, X-Thick Massager Grip, Writing CLAW Grip (medium), Crossover Grip, Grotto Grip, The Pencil Grip, Stetro Grip, Start Right Grip, Jumbo Egg-Shaped Foam Grip, and a Rubber Triangle Pencil Grip. This kit is perfect for evaluating which are the most comfortable and effective pencil grip writing tools for individual children.  Righty Pencil Grip Sampler™ Kit is available exclusively from us at: www.therapyshoppe.com

*Product colors may vary from those shown. Please note that substitutions may occasionally be necessary.