“In the midst of change, we often discover wings we never knew we had.” – Ekaterina Walter

Need some help managing the stress and anxiety of all the unanticipated changes and unexpected new norms from the past few months? You're not alone.

Here are some phone apps that are designed to help teens and adults manage that stress.  The apps we've chosen feature an amazing selection of guided meditations, mindfulness activities, movement exercises, inspiring articles, tranquil music, coloring therapy, and lots of other helpful information!  Most of the apps are free, but some are free only for a limited time.



This mindfulness and meditation app offers inspiring stories with mini meditations to start your day, movement exercises, sleep help activities, information on mindful eating/cooking, and guided meditations for every occasion (walking, running, sleeping, more). *Free for a limited time.

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Happify provides tools and games designed to combat stress, boost moods, and help you take control of your feelings and thoughts.  They use cutting-edge research which they translate into fun and interactive activities/games that help build well-being skills while forming life-changing habits.  *The free versions offer limited features.

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This neat app offers guided journeys, specialized meditations, daily mood tracking, coaching, and other on-demand coping tools for managing stress and anxiety.  *They are offering free premium access through the COVID-19 crisis.

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iBreathe "Relax and Breathe" specializes in guided deep breathing exercises.  This free app features many customizable options including interval lengths, number of breathing cycles, and reminders that provide a more personalized experience. 

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Moodpath is a personalized "mental health companion" that's designed to check in on you with questions that "learn" and provide suggestions based on how you respond.  This app includes bi-weekly mental health assessments, audio and written exercises, and other helpful tools you can use for self-reflection relevant to your emotional state/health.

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This app is designed to help users build resilience, using the "Live Gamefully" method – a framework that promotes wellness by applying reality game science to improve lives and solve problems.  SuperBetter features digital games like “fulfilling a quest” or “recruiting allies” to teach social and emotional skills like cooperation and persistence, many that are appropriate for kids.

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Improve your mood with this therapeutic coloring app that includes over 1000 free "coloring therapy" pictures on your mobile device to "paint!"  Relax and let some stress float away as you paint beautiful designs, mandalas, animals, famous paintings – or you can create your own masterpieces and share your creations with friends and families!

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