Wooly Weighted Bunny
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Wooly Weighted Bunny

Wooly Weighted Bunny

About Wooly Weighted Bunny

NEW!  This lovable fuzzy furry bunny has a wooly "shearling" (lamb-like) coat and soft plaid flannel print on his belly. Kids adore this fun new plush weighted animal that loves sitting on shoulders and laps! Wooly Weighted Bunny is a fabulous new self-regulation sensory tool for providing just the right touch of weighted and proprioceptive deep pressure input (that can be so helpful for calming, focusing, and regulating to children's nervous systems). This 20" - 2.2 lb. bunny makes a snuggly weighted shoulder or weighted lap pet! Makes a fun sensory therapy pet and calming toy for home, travel, or school classrooms. Surface washable. Made in the USA.

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.